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Diary16th - 30th September 1998

Wednesday, 30th September 1998
It didn't last very long, I had to be admitted because of a temperature over 38.5C. I was put on antibiotics (anti-bug drugs) for a seven day course.
Tuesday, 29th September 1998
My first course of chemo finished today and I was discharged. But because my neutrophils are low and still dropping, I am very succeptible to almost anything and I will most likely be back with a temperature very soon.
Saturday, 26th September 1998
Another general anaesthetic to put in the new line, it was much quicker this time.
Friday, 25th September 1998
Mummy accidently pulled my central line out, it got tangled coming back from a walk. They will have to put a new line in, but that won't be until tomorrow, so in the meantime I had a canular put in so that I could continue the treatment.
Tuesday, 22nd September 1998
I started the Induction phase of my chemotherapy treatment today. This course lasts for seven days.
Monday, 21st September 1998
Today I had a general anaesthetic to insert my Central Line. This will allow the doctors and nurses to give me medication and take blood without having to use a needle each time. They also did a lumber puncture to check my spinal fluid, and while they were there they put some chemo drugs in my spinal fluid just in case.
Friday, 18th September 1998
Dr James is still concerned and sends us to the New Children's Hospital (NCH) for further tests. The blood tests showed abnormal cells, a bone marrow test then confirmed that I had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML). I am admitted to hospital, I am put in the Camperdown Ward, which is the specialist oncology (cancer) ward.
Thursday, 17th September 1998
I go for X-rays, ultrasound and CT scan, that fail to show a conclusive answer for what the lump could be.
Wednesday, 16th September 1998
Dr Allery queries a lump on my left cheek, during a consultation to get the all clear from a recent bout of bronchitis.

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