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Diary28th December 1998 - 3rd January 1999

Sunday, 3rd January 1999Photo Album
Today we all went on a family outing to Manly. We drove to Strathfield and caught a train to Circular Quay and we then had to push and shove to get onto a Manly ferry. On the ferry to Manly I saw the funny face (Luna Park). We had lunch at Manly before making our way back. Once home we all jumped in the pool again because it has been very hot.
Saturday, 2nd January 1999
We went to Toys'R'Us at Parramatta this morning. Then we dropped in at the hospital to get my lines hep-locked, so that they don't block up. I went to Hayden's birthday party today, he is 4 years old, I had a great time. In the afternoon we all went for a swim, Shell and David came and joined us too.
Friday, 1st January 1999
Happy New Year everyone. Mummy and Daddy took me to hospital to check my platelets, because they noticed some bruises. Luckily though my counts were all up, including my platelets. My neutrophils are up high, 6.84, the highest they have been since I was diagnosed.
Thursday, 31st December 1998
Today is Kayla's birthday, she is 4. We all went to the Macquarie shopping centre, Mummy and Kayla went to the movies to see 'Madeline' and Daddy and I went to the shops. In the afternoon Pop and Robbie came over and so did Avˇ, Av˘ and Uncle Ed.
Wednesday, 30th December 1998
This morning I went down to Pop's house and helped him pick a whole bucket full of passionfruits. I helped him eat some too. In the afternoon I played with Kayla in the cubby house with playdough.
Tuesday, 29th December 1998
I was discharged today, my neutrophils were 0.4. I am still on GCSF for the next 2 days. I need to go back to the hospital on Saturday for a blood test and check-up. The plan right now, if my counts are up, is to start the next course of chemo on Monday. That means another bone marrow test, under general anaesthetic, to make sure everything is still okay. Followed by the course of chemo, which hopefully I can do as an outpatient again.
Monday, 28th December 1998
My neutrophils have started to come back, they were 0.1 today. When they get up high enough I can be discharged. I went home on a gate pass again today. I had to have a platelet transfusion when I got back to the hospital.

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