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Diary4th - 10th January 1999

Sunday, 10th January 1999Photo Album
Today we went to Milson's Point so I could see the funny face(Luna Park). When we got there I became scared and refused to even look at it!  Kayla had a play at the adjoining park but I was feeling lethargic and wanted to be held. We visited Pop on the way home and then Uncle Ed came over for a swim in the afternoon.
Saturday, 9th January 1999Photo Album
A couple of friends came over to help celebrate Kayla's birthday. We had all had fun in the pool and then played inside for the rest of the afternoon. My appetite seems to be coming back in full force.
Friday, 8th January 1999
Today was the last day of this chemo. I haven't had to go to the hospital since Monday and I am not due back until next Wednesday for another lumber puncture.
Thursday, 7th January 1999Photo Album
Another hot day. Pop and Robbie came over and we all went for a swim, even Pop. The first time he has ever been in our pool.
Wednesday, 6th January 1999
Remember all those Christmas trees I helped decorate? Well today is the day to take all your Christmas decorations down and I had to do the rounds to help. We went down to Pop's house and helped him, then when we got back home we took our decorations down and then went for a swim. Later we went to Avů's house for dinner and to take down their decorations. My appetite seems to have diminished a bit, but I can still enjoy some chocolate.
Tuesday, 5th January 1999
A very hot day may have contributed to my lack of appetite and also my desire to go swimming. However we had to wait until our friend Sean came over in the afternoon. We all played in the pool for over an hour.
Monday, 4th January 1999
Another early start for everyone, we had to be at the hospital by 7:30am for a blood test followed by a bone marrow test and lumber puncture, under general anaesthetic. The results of the bone marrow test showed that I am still in remission. I started my fifth course of chemo today also, this one will be done entirely as an outpatient. I need to have 2 injections a day, which Daddy will do, and 2 oral chemo doses a day as well. This course lasts only 5 days. In the afternoon we all went swimming again.

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