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Diary11th - 17th January 1999

Sunday, 17th January 1999
We went to Warringah Mall at Brookvale, just for somewhere different to shop. While we were over that way we had a look at the ocean at North Curl Curl.
Saturday, 16th January 1999
For some reason I didn't feel like a nap today, so I was feeling quite miserable by the afternoon. It was rather warm though so we all went for a swim.
Friday, 15th January 1999
I had fun today. I went to the Playschool Big Show at the Capitol Theatre with Michelle, Mummy and Kayla. Michelle was able to get us backstage after the show to meet the presenters, Angela and Simon. Later we went to Avů's house for dinner.
Thursday, 14th January 1999
I went down to Pop's house to for a little while, but the rest of the day was quiet.
Wednesday, 13th January 1999
I had my lumber puncture early this morning and then we waited at clinic until the meeting with the doctor. I got to play with the nurses while Mum and Dad had their discussion. My BMT looks like being mid March. Unfortunately my haemoglobin was low so I needed a transfusion today but I came home for lunch first. I was offered free tickets to see Cinderella on ice today, so I gave them to Kayla and Mummy instead.
Tuesday, 12th January 1999
A quiet day at home today. Tomorrow I go into clinic for a lumber puncture under general anaesthetic, to put some chemo into my spinal fluid. Mummy and Daddy also have a meeting tomorrow with the doctors to discuss my upcoming bone marrow transplant(BMT).
Monday, 11th January 1999
Another hot day meant that I stayed inside most of the day. Pop, Robbie, Tia Ana and Douggie all came for a visit and a swim. I didn't stay in the pool very long but had lots of fun playing on the side.

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