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Diary18th - 24th January 1999

Sunday, 24th January 1999
Uncle Ed came over and we all went shopping. Then Uncle Ed stayed with Kayla and me while Mummy and Daddy went to the movies. Tomorrow I start my 6th course of chemo. This one is identical to the last and will mostly be done at home.
Saturday, 23rd January 1999
I had lots of visitors today. Av˘ came over in the morning, and then in the afternoon Uncle Ed, Avˇ, Pop and Robbie all came over.
Friday, 22nd January 1999
Another wet day, just as well we had the cable TV hooked up this week. There are some new shows that I really like to watch. I am full of energy, my counts should now be the highest they have been since I was diagnosed back in September. Daddy had to come home early today because we had a flood downstairs due to all the rain we have been having. It wasn't as bad as last time and we think that we might have found a solution.
Thursday, 21st January 1999
A very wet day in Sydney today, I stayed inside most of the day. When Daddy got home from work, we all went to the shops. I had great fun running up and down the aisles in the supermarket with Kayla.
Wednesday, 20th January 1999
I had to visit clinic today and had a blood test that showed that my counts have recovered. It looks like I have been lucky enough to make it through course 5 of chemo without a hospital admission! So I start course 6 , and final chemo before transplant, on Monday. 
Tuesday, 19th January 1999
Summer is still around and it's just as well that I like swimming in the pool 'cause it's one way of cooling down fast. I'm still feeling and eating well, but most importantly I'm running around madly like a 2 year old should. That brings a smile to everyone's face!
Monday, 18th January 1999
We stayed at home today because we had to wait for the cable TV man to install the new phone lines and the cable TV. Daddy and Pop came and helped him(ie. watched only!). I was lucky today because I won a family pass to the zoo from the local paper! I guess they felt that I deserved it. I might go sometime next week if my counts are up.

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