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Diary25th - 31st January 1999

Sunday, 31st January 1999
We went to Pop's house today to have lunch with Did and Bill and Mrs Adams. I had fun running around Pop's backyard with Kayla.
Saturday, 30th January 1999
Diddy and Bill came down to Sydney this weekend to visit me. They popped in early in the day, before returning later for a barbeque dinner. I watched Kayla go for a swim, but the water was too cold for me.
Friday, 29th January 1999
Kayla went to preschool again and I missed her. I did go to the bank with Mummy and she bought me a donut, of which I only ate the icing. Pop came up and minded me while Mummy picked up Kayla and then did the shopping. (My Favourite Things page is now updated.)
Thursday, 28th January 1999
Kayla started preschool today, so it was just Mummy and me. We went for a walk up to the park, where I played on the slippery dip and the swing. I walked all the way there and back, something I could not do just before I was diagnosed.
Wednesday, 27th January 1999
I had fun playing with balls out in the backyard, but I kept hitting them over the fence. I didn't have my usual midday nap, so by the evening I was feeling rather grumpy and went to bed without a fuss.
Tuesday, 26th January 1999 - Australia Day
Day 2 of chemo. A quiet day at home today, but in the evening we went to Avů's house for dinner. Because I was so well during the last course, which is the same as this one, I hope to be same this time around.
Monday, 25th January 1999
An early start this morning to go the clinic for my lumber puncture. This time I didn't wake up straight away, I decided to continue napping in Mummy's arms for over an hour. Very unusual!! So I have now started course 6. There is probably just 4 weeks until bone marrow harvest time.

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