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Diary1st - 7th February 1999

Sunday, 7th February 1999
A busy morning out and about. First we went to Pop's house for a while, then on to the shops. Then to Avo's house for lunch with Uncle Ed and Av˘ and Avˇ. Finally back home for a nap and a quiet afternoon. Tomorrow I need to go to clinic for a check up.
Saturday, 6th February 1999
A quiet family day at home.
Friday, 5th February 1999
While Kayla was at preschool today, I went to the local library and borrowed some nice stories. We went to Avˇ's for dinner.
Thursday, 4th February 1999
I went to clinic for a blood test today, my white cells and neutrophils were right up. My platelets and haemoglobin were OK as well, however I need to go back to clinic on Monday to check them. If you look really close you can see that my hair has started to grow back. During the bone marrow transplant though, it will all fall out again.
Wednesday, 3rd February 1999
A quiet morning at home. In the afternoon we went to Pop's house, Daddy met us there for dinner when he finished work.
Monday, 1st February 1999
I had my regular blood test at clinic this morning, my counts were still pretty good so I didn't need any transfusions. My neutrophils were down to 0.49, less than 1.0 so I need to be careful, but at least there are still some there. I also had a lumber puncture to put a dose of chemo in my spinal fluid, this is the last dose for this course. I need to go back to clinic on Thursday for another blood test and checkup before the weekend.

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