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Diary8th - 14th February 1999

Sunday, 14th February 1999
We went up to the markets this morning for a browse. Mummy and Daddy left me in the care of Pop in the afternoon as they went on a harbour cruise for Daddy's work. It was a very hot day so I refused to have my nap.  Tommorrow I'm going to clinic for a checkup.
Saturday, 13th February 1999
We went to Pop's house this morning to fix his computer. I had so much fun singing and dancing with Kayla. I couldn't stop laughing. Unfortunately I still have a runny nose and a cough.
Friday, 12th February 1999
A quiet day at home with Mum. I still haven't shaken this virus but I at least had a sleep during the day. When Kayla came home from pre-school we played outside on the bikes.
Thursday, 11th February 1999
Kayla left me at home again as she ventured off to pre-school. I got into a bit of mischief at naptime by opening a jar of Vicks vapour rub and putting it all over my bed and toys! What a (smelly)mess. In the end  I couldn't  go to sleep , thus missing out on my daily nap. Pop, Robbie, Tia Ana and Doug all popped in for a visit. I think my virus is slowly getting better.
Wednesday, 10th February 1999
I went to clinic this morning and surprised everyone with my blood counts. Yes, my platelets have gone up, but most surprisingly my white cells and neutrophils suffered a serious dive down. I'm once again susceptible to those bugs around me. The doctors believe it was due to my last lumber puncture. It looks like my harvest date might be 25/2/99, depending on my recovery of this virus I still have.
Tuesday, 9th February 1999
After a fun night coughing ,and tossing and turning in Mummy's bed (yes, I kicked Daddy out) , I ended up having  some solid sleep after 5am. I still woke up happy and had a reasonably quiet day at home. I think we should buy shares in the tissue companies, as I am going through them very quickly with this persistent runny nose. My temperature hit 38.1 but has dropped slightly again. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel even better and leave this virus behind.
Monday, 8th February 1999
I had a blood test and check up at clinic this morning. My neutrophils (7.26) and white cells (8.6) are really good. However my platelets (32) are still on their way down, hopefully they will turn around soon. I need to go back to clinic on Wednesday to check my platelet level and possibly get a transfusion. We were going to go to the zoo today, but it was raining so we had to put it off for another day. I have also come down with some flu like symptoms, runny nose, watery eyes and a hoarse cough. I had a test at clinic this morning that showed I have a virus. It is not serious and should run its course in the next 2 to 3 days.

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