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Diary15th - 21st February 1999

Sunday, 21st February 1999
I still have a bit of a cough, I will be having another check up at clinic tomorrow. We went for a drive late this afternoon, looking for a park with a bike track. We didn't find one with a bike track, but I still had fun "running fast" chasing the frisbee.
Friday, 19th February 1999
I had fun playing in the cubby house today with my playdough. The change back to more pleasant weather meant that I could play outside again.
Thursday, 18th February 1999
After a very hot night I decided to wake up at 6:30 am. Kayla had to go to preschool so I had a lovely time playing with my plastic animals by myself. The dinosaurs were chasing the lions and elephants. I even had a nap today without any fuss. And yes, I'm still coughing a little bit.
Wednesday, 17th February 1999
I went to Putney this morning so that Pop could babysit me. Mum took Kayla to the hairdresser for a haircut. Her first haircut in over a year. Her hair is now shoulder length whereas before it was nearly touching her bottom! My nose has stopped running but my cough's still sticking around.
Tuesday, 16th February 1999
I had a visit from Avů today who gave me a new pair of socks, they had Big Bird on them. My results from my nasal test yesterday came back positive. I still have a virus and it looks like we'll have to push back my bone marrow harvest day. It was to be Thursday week, but I need to be clear from any virus for a while first.
Monday, 15th February 1999
I went to clinic this morning and had a blood test and a nasal test to check on my runny nose again. My blood results are slowly picking up again. Although I'm still regarded as neutropedic and could catch more bugs at any time.

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