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Diary22nd - 28th February 1999

  Sunday, 28th February 1999
Today I had lots of visitors, Diddy, Bill, Pop, Robbie, Av˘ and Avˇ all came over for lunch today. I hope to hear from the doctors in the next few days with a date  for the bone marrow harvest as well as a series of tests that I need prior to transplant.
  Saturday, 27th February 1999
Diddy and Bill came down from Queensland for a visit, Pop and Robbie also came over. My cough hasn't gone away yet, we will see what the doctors say about it when I see them next week.
  Friday, 26th February 1999
I had fun playing in my room today with my toy cars, I always take some with me now where ever I go. I am full of energy these days and rarely have my midday naps any more. Tonight we went to Avˇ's house for dinner, but I am now very finicky and will not always eat dinner.
  Thursday, 25th February 1999
While Kayla was at preschool, I went to the shops with Mummy. No word yet from the doctors about the bone marrow harvest date.

I now have a guestbook that I would like you to sign when you get a chance, thank you.

  Wednesday, 24th February 1999
This morning I went back to clinic for another nasal test. The test results came back negative for the virus I've had. I still have a lingering cough, but the doctors aren't worried and say that it should go away on its own in the next few days. The doctor will ring to let us know when the bone marrow harvest will be, possibly next week. There are 2 other AML kids having autologous bone marrow transplants at present.
  Monday, 22nd February 1999
I went to clinic this morning for a blood test and nasal test. My blood counts are on their way up and my nasal test came back negative for the virus  I've had. I have to go again on Wednesday for another nasal test just to confirm that I have no lingering virus. Then we can plan when to do the tests to get ready for bone marrow harvest.

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