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Diary1st - 31st October 1998

Sunday, 25th October 1998
I said goodbye to Aunty Nerida today who is flying home to Canada. I moved back to Camperdown at 9pm.
Friday, 23rd October 1998
I had to be admitted to hospital again because I had a fever. There is a shortage of beds in Camperdown, so I will have to spend the night in the Hunter Bailey ward, which is the general toddler ward. They gave me my own room so that I won't catch anything from the other kids here.
Thursday, 22nd October 1998
Daddy takes me to the clinic, this time for a platelet transfusion. I am starting to open my eyes a bit today.
Wednesday, 21st October 1998
Mummy took me to the clinic this morning for a check up. The doctor sent me to the eye specialist who gives me the all clear for no permanent damage, just a reaction to the chemo.
Tuesday, 20th October 1998
I started on eye drops during the chemo, but they haven't had muh of an affect, I still can't open my eyes.
Monday, 19th October 1998
Chemo 2 finished today and I was discharged. Due to high Cytosine dose in this course my eyes are very sore, so sore I can't even open them.
Wednesday, 14th October 1998
Today's bone marrow test results were not very good, there were more normal cells, but also 15-20% blasts. This means that I need to start on the higher dose of the course 2 chemo today.
Thursday, 8th October 1998
The bone marrow test I had this morning showed no Leukaemia cells (blasts) and a few normal cells.

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