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Diary1st - 7th March 1999

  Sunday, 7th March 1999Photo Album
It was a rainy day, so I couldn't play outside today. In the afternoon we all went to Avů's house, and stayed for dinner. Kayla still has her cough, she will probably go back to the doctor tomorrow for another check up. I also have to go to clinic for a blood test tomorrow. Daddy just bought a new digital camera, so you hopefully will see a few more photos in the Photo Album from now on.
  Saturday, 6th March 1999Photo Album
We all went to shops this morning, I sat with Daddy while he had a haircut. Kayla and I both got balloons, their is a state election coming up soon and the two main local candidates were both handing out balloons to the children. We went down to visit Pop, he has a sore leg at the moment. In the afternoon, Uncle Ed came over to show off his new car.
  Friday, 5th March 1999
I went shopping with Mummy today, she bought me a new toy car to play with. I love playing with all my cars, I keep some in almost every room of the house, they are never far away. My cough seems to have settled down a bit, however Kayla still has her cough.
  Thursday, 4th March 1999
Today I actually had a nap during the day. The first one in what seems such a long time. But because I had that nap, when it came time to go to sleep at night I was wide awake and didn't go to sleep until very late.
  Wednesday, 3rd March 1999Photo Album
This morning I had a parcel delivered to me with 2 Bears (from Bear in the Big Blue House, a show on cable TV)in it. I was so excited but a little scared of the big one at first. I let Kayla play with that one and I had the little one. I  took him up to the shops to help buy the fruit and milk. Now Kayla has a cough too so I can't play too close to her
  Monday, 1st March 1999
Daddy rang up clinic today to find out when my harvest will be....Thursday 18th March. At the beginning of that week they will conduct a series of tests in preparation for my transplant 10 days later. The delay is to ensure I've recovered completely from the virus I had. I need to go into this healthy. We dropped into clinic this afternoon to pick up supplies for dressings and medicines. They don't want to see me till sometime next week!

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