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Diary8th - 14th March 1999

  Sunday, 14th March 1999
We went out this morning to Pop's house and then to Parramatta. When we came home it was time to do some gardening. I got hold of the hose and had lots of fun "accidently" wetting Daddy and Kayla! I needed a bath later and I had my hair shampooed- the first time in many months! Although it didn't take long to dry.
  Saturday, 13th March 1999Photo Album
We went to the shops this morning at Macquarie Centre. We even had lunch there before returning home to play with my cars. Daddy cooked chicken kebabs on the BBQ for dinner. Yum Yum.
  Wednesday, 10th March 1999Photo Album
I woke up happy this morning and was ready to go to the beach to play. We went to Birdie Beach where I was happy to build sandcastles while Kayla jumped in the waves. Eventually I decided she was having too much fun without me, so I started (somewhat hesitantly) chasing the waves too. What a fun morning! We drove back home this afternoon.
  Tuesday, 9th March 1999Photo Album
Daddy has taken today and tomorrow off work to spend time with me. We all went to Parramatta Westfield and I got a new carpark for my cars from Toys R Us. I hugged B1 there too(see photo). In the afternoon we drove up to Lake Munmorah and stayed at Avo's holiday house. I was quite upset at bedtime as I wanted to go to sleep in my own bed. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.
  Monday, 8th March 1999
I went to clinic this morning and my bone marrow harvest still looks on   track for Thursday 18th March. There is a series of  tests that I need to have before transplant, these will probably be done next Tuesday and Wednesday  before the harvest.

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