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Diary15th - 21st March 1999

  Sunday, 21st March 1999Photo Album
This morning we had to get up early to catch a plane to Coolangatta, Queensland. We are going on holidays for a few days to relax before Transplant starts in just over a week. Diddy and Bill met us at the airport in Coolangatta to take us back to their place at Rainbow Bay.
  Saturday, 20th March 1999
I was still sore this morning, but I did manage eventually to stand up. After quite a bit of effort I was finally able to start walking, although it is an awkward walk.
  Friday, 19th March 1999
I couldn't walk all day, I tried many times but I couldn't even stand up. Hopefully it will get better soon.
  Thursday, 18th March 1999Photo Album
First thing this morning I had my bone marrow harvest. They took about 200mL of bone marrow from 4 holes in my hip bone, it took just over an hour. I am feeling pretty sore, I haven't been able to stand up let alone walk yet. Hopefully, tomorrow I should be up and about. My blood counts were fine, so I was discharged from hospial this afternoon.
  Wednesday, 17th March 1999
More tests today. First I had an echocardiogram, followed by a chest x-ray and finally a dental check up. I have to stay in hospital overnight because I have my bone marrow harvest early tomorrow morning.
  Tuesday, 16th March 1999
Tests started today. I had a kidney function test this morning, the needle wasn't much fun. Then I had a hearing test, I got to see a puppet show with lots of great toys in it. I passed the hearing test with flying colours, I haven't got the results back yet for the kidney test. Avů brought Kayla back home this afternoon. More tests tomorrow.
  Monday, 15th March 1999
We hopped on the Rivercat this morning and went to the city, where we jumped on the Manly ferry . I saw the "Funny Face" ( Luna Park) but was frightened when I came too close... although I talk constantly about it. Once at Manly we had McDonalds for lunch before heading to the beach. I had such fun running through the waves and getting wet. After this exciting day we went to Avů's for dinner and left Kayla there to sleep. Tomorrrow is the first day of tests for harvest.

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