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Diary22nd - 28th March 1999

  Sunday, 28th March 1999Photo Album
The Easter Bunny came to our house early, because I will be in hospital next Sunday. He left a lot of easter eggs hidden around the back yard for Kayla and me to find on our easter egg hunt. Then we went to Taronga Zoo, Diddy, Bill, Pop and Robbie came too. We saw lots of animals, chimps, lions, tigers, kangaroos, but some of my favourites were the giraffes, crocodiles and orangutans.
  Saturday, 27th March 1999
Just playing at home most of the day, except for when I went out with Mummy and Daddy when they had to vote in the NSW state election. Father Burton came to our house today to give me a special blessing before next week's treatment. It looks like the bone marrow transplant won't start until at least Tuesday.
  Thursday, 25th March 1999
After a good night's sleep back in my own bed, I spent a quiet day at home. I had a few visitors though. Pop, Av˘, Avˇ and Tia Ana all dropped in to see how I was.
  Wednesday, 24th March 1999Photo Album
The weather cleared up today, so we were able to go down to the beach and have a play in the sand and water. We had a late flight back to Sydney.
  Tuesday, 23rd March 1999
It was a rather wet day today, so we spent most of the day indoors. We had a look around some of the local shopping centres.
  Monday, 22nd March 1999Photo Album
Today I got to go to Movie World. It was fun seeing all the Looney Tunes' characters, I especially liked the private meeting I had with Tweetie Pie ant Daffy Duck.

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