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Diary29th March - 4th April 1999

  Sunday, 4th April 1999 - Easter SundayPhoto Album
The Easter bunny found me in hospital, he left a huge egg at the foot of my bed. His helpers kept coming all day long delivering more and more eggs, too many for me to eat. Now that the chemo is starting to kick in, I am starting to lose my taste for sweet things. I am now hooked up 24 hours a day on fluids.
  Saturday, 3rd April 1999Photo Album
Another gate pass today, the last for a while. Tomorrow I start on a new chemo drug which I also need 24 hour/day fluids. Daddy took me and Kayla to the park at lunch time, we had a walk down by the creek. Tia Ana, Doug, Pop and Robbie all came over to visit in the afternoon, before I had to go back to the hospital and get hooked up again.
  Friday, 2nd April 1999 - Good Friday
I was able to get out on a gate pass today. When I got back to hospital they hooked me up to a food drip overnight, so that my stomach can get use to it. I am still eating and drinking well at the moment, but that will change soon apparently.
  Thursday, 1st April 1999
I had a good night's sleep, I slept all the way through. I couldn't go home on a gate pass today, because the nurses needed to take blood every half hour then every hour to check the chemo levels in my system. I had lots of things to keep me occupied though. Cathy put on a fun craft session in the parent's room, I painted a picture of a baby chick and put feathers on it. I then made a bunny rabbit with cotton wool and painted a big Easter egg picture. A photographer from a local newspaper took a photo of me in my bed surrounded by lots of Easter eggs. There were lots of nice people coming around, handing out Easter eggs to all the girls and boys.
  Wednesday, 31st March 1999Photo Album
I had a strange reaction to one of the drugs last night that kept me awake and loopy for many hours. I finally fell asleep just before midnight. Upon awakening this morning, I was still not quite myself and only picked up once I came home on a gate pass. Here at home I ate Easter Eggs and played with my cars and tape recorder until it was time to go back to hospital. Today I started the chemotherapy with a single dose administered once in my nasal tube. Another dose tomorrow morning.
  Tuesday, 30th March 1999
Today was the start of the 'Countdown' to Transplant. I was admitted to hospital this afternoon. So that I can keep taking oral medication and be put on food drips, if need be later on, I had a Nasal Gastric tube inserted. This wasn't fun at all, I am still not comfortable with it yet, but hopefully I won't even notice its there soon. I will be having a heavy course of chemo over the next six days as 'Conditioning' before Transplant next Tuesday. My counts should still be OK for the next few days, so that means that I might be able to get out on 'Gate Passes'.

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