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Diary5th - 11th April 1999

  Sunday, 11th April 1999
Because of yesterday's diarrhoea, the formula for the food drip was changed. We will need to give this a couple of days to take effect. The lining of my gastro-intestinal tract is now starting to break down due to the chemo, this is called Mucositis. My throat is sore and I am finding it hard to swallow. I am now on a morphine drip to help with the pain. This won't get any better until the new bone marrow kicks in and my counts start to come back up, at least a couple of weeks away.
  Saturday, 10th April 1999
I am still off my food today, but I am still on the food drip via my nasal gastric tube. However, I had some diarrhoea this evening, which means that my stomach may not be handling the food drip on its own. The rate of the food drip was reduced and it will be evaluated tomorrow.
  Friday, 9th April 1999
This evening I vomitted, which caused my Nasal Gastric tube to come out. I then had to have a new one put in ...this wasn't fun. They tried giving me various things to calm me down, but some just made me hyper.Eventually it was put in and I was able to go to sleep by 11pm.
  Thursday, 8th April 1999Photo Album
I'm still feeling pretty good and love keeping busy. I've been doing puzzles, stickers, lego, colouring in and today Cathy ( recreationist) came and I did some paintings. Kayla was also visiting so together we had great fun. My new favourite nurse is Pania and she had me laughing all afternoon. I  kept telling her to stay with me and wouldn't let go of her hand.To look at me laughing and joking around, a stranger would have no idea what I'm actually in hospital for! My appetite has disappeared but since I'm on a food drip I shouldn't lose much weight.
  Wednesday, 7th April 1999
Everything is going as planned, my counts are still on their way down. It is expected that I will get mouth ulcers, catch some sort of bug that will need antibiotics and generally feel unwell sometime in the next few days. It will take at least a couple of weeks before yesterdays bone marrow transplant takes full effect and starts increasing my blood counts. Until my neutrophils are at a safe level again I need to stay in isolation.
  Tuesday, 6th April 1999 ****  TRANSPLANT DAY  ****Photo Album
I woke up early this morning after a restless sleep. I'm not  too keen on staying inside this room all the time, but luckily I still had a few visits from my nurse friends and the play recreationist,Cathy. Together we did some papercraft to decorate my room. Shortly before 3pm my bone marrow arrived and it was attached to my drip to flow into my line (very similar to a normal blood transfusion). Somehow, it knows how to find its way back into my bone marrow on its own. Ten minutes later it was all over and I was fast asleep. Now we play the waiting game to see what my blood counts do.
  Monday, 5th April 1999
Today was the last day of the chemo or 'Countdown' phase. I moved into the isolation room this afternoon ready for the transplant tomorrow. I will be in there for probably at least 3 to 4 weeks. Everything that went in there had to be cleaned, I even had to have a special bath. Everyone who comes into the room needs to scrub up first and put on a special gown.

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