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Diary12th - 18th April 1999

  Sunday, 18th April 1999
The neutrophils are still going up and my high temperatures have stayed away.
  Saturday, 17th April 1999
I had a good sleep over night .  It was the first night where I didn't get a temperature .My hair is now falling out again and will probably all be gone in a day or two. My white cell count has come up again to 0.5. Hopefully the neutrophils would have gone up too
  Friday, 16th April 1999
I had my morphine put up again this morning, so I have been sleeping alot of the day away. When I was awake I was feeling miserable still, so it was best that I slept. I still have nose bleeds but I am able to talk alot clearer again. The best news is that my white cell count has come up to 0.2 and I have 0.05 neutrophils.That's what will start to make me better!
  Thursday, 15th April 1999
I had a good night's sleep and am feeling a little bit more comfortable today. I sat up and did some painting with Cathy and played with my cars on the floor. They turned the food drip up in the morning, but by the afternoon the diarrhoea had returned so it was turned back down again. I had a few more nose bleeds which is probably due to the mucositis. Now we are just waiting for my counts to start coming back up.
  Wednesday, 14th April 1999
My diarrhoea has almost ceased because my food drip was turned down but I still have fevers and pain in my mouth. My morphine drip was turned up so that I have become slightly more comfortable.  Also I did have a nose bleed and that made a mess   all over my face..Later in the day I even sat up when the Music therapist came and entertained me. I had fun trying all the instruments. I'm still sleeping alot but  am able  to say a word or two if need be. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.
  Tuesday, 13th April 1999
My diarrhoea continues, this is thought to be due to me only having the food drip for nourishment and not eating anything. The rate has been lowered to see if helps the diarrhoea. A bug was found in a blood test, this is why I have been having high temperatures, so the antibiotics will continue until it is under control. All my blood counts continue to fall as expected, my white cell count is now down to 0.1 and my neutrophils are non-existent. My platelets and haemoglobin were also very low, so I had to have a transfusion of both today. Nurse Jo came to visit me today, she is still on holidays but popped in to cheer me up.
  Monday, 12th April 1999
I've become very wary of  most nurses at the moment and I don't like having my "obs" (temperature, pulse, blood pressure) done. I need Mummy or Daddy to be here all the time to help. I've still got diarrhoea and am not eating or drinking to help maintain my weight. The formula for my food drip may need to be changed again. I also needed my morphine to be increased to allow me to rest without too much pain. I still can't talk as it's too sore.

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