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Diary19th - 25th April 1999

  Sunday, 25th April 1999 - ANZAC DayPhoto Album
I am tolerating the nasal gastric feeds at higher levels now. So hopefully I can be taken off the intravenous feeds soon and then be discharged. I will still need the nasal gastric feed at home overnight, but Mummy and Daddy can do this, until I start eating properly again.
  Saturday, 24th April 1999
I needed a platelet transfusion this morning before going home on a gate pass. The diarrhoea seems to have eased overnight even with the nasal gastric feeds.
  Friday, 23rd April 1999
My white cell count is up to 1.0. I still had diarrhoea over night but was OK while I was out on my gate pass. I am eating a little bit more today but will still need the feeds hooked up over night. Just about all my hair has fallen out now, except for a few small patches.
  Thursday, 22nd April 1999
I have started nibbling on some food, but need to eat more before I can be discharged. I had another gate pass.
  Wednesday, 21st April 1999
All the antibiotics have now been stopped as well as the morphine. I am drinking but I am still not eating. The nasal gastric feeds are being increased to get my stomach back in action, but they keep giving me diarrhoea. I had a another gate pass, it is great to get out for a while. My white cell count is up to 0.9 and continuing to rise slowly.
  Tuesday, 20th April 1999
I was allowed home today on another gatepass. I'm still considered to be in isolation but being at home helps me recover quickly. My counts are jumping up and down but I am feeling better in myself. I'm still not eating but am sipping juice. Upon returning to the hospital tonight , I  had a big diarrhoea but instantly I felt good and started laughing and playing with Kayla. I wasn't even upset when Mummy went home ( a first since i"ve been sick).... so I think today was the first day of  feeling my old self again!
  Monday, 19th April 1999
Things are looking better, some of the antibiotics have been stopped, the morphine has started to be toned down slowly and my counts are still rising. Karen, the music therapist, came and I played with some instruments while we sang some songs. And best of all, I was able to get out for a short gate pass today, YEEAAHH!!!! Hopefully I should be able to get out more often.

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