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Diary26th April - 2nd May 1999

  Sunday, 2nd May 1999
I went to the hospital this morning, and yes I did need to have another platelet transfusion. Because I am eating so well though, I won't need the overnight nasal gastric tube feed tonight. I will have to go back to clinic on Tuesday for another check up.
  Saturday, 1st May 1999
My appetite is back to normal, I am eating really well. Diddy and Bill came down from Queensland and spent the afternoon with us. Tomorrow I am going to hospital for another blood test and most likely some more platelets. Luckily, with all these regular visits, the hospital is only 10 minutes away.
  Thursday, 29th April 1999
I spent the morning at clinic, I had to have a platelet transfusion as expected. I don't need to go back until Sunday. It has been cold and wet outside so I have had to stay indoors the last few days.
  Wednesday, 28th April 1999
Today was my first day that I didn't have to go to the hospital at all in quite some time. I need to go to clinic tomorrow though to have a blood test. I started eating a variety of foods so that hopefuly I can get my food drip turned off in a few days.
  Tuesday, 27th April 1999
I had my first check up back in clinic again this morning. My white cells and neutrophils are rising slowly, but I will probably need another platelet transfusion when I go back to clinic on Thursday. I am certainly much happier now that I am home again, as is the rest of the family.
  Monday, 26th April 1999
HOORAY!!!! I was discharged today. Before I could go home I needed both platelet and haemoglobin transfusions. I still need the nasal gastric feed at night though, Mummy and Daddy will hook me up each night before I go to sleep. I will start going to clinic again now, my first check up is tomorrow. The best thing is we are all home together again.

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