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Diary3rd May - 9th May 1999

  Sunday, 9th May 1999   Happy Mother's DayPhoto Album
I came running into Mummy's bed this morning with Kayla, and gave Mummy a big Mother's Day hug, as well as a present. I got her a frypan so she can make me pancakes! Daddy came home from work and surprised us with a McDonalds breakfast in bed. Daddy then went to sleep and we went down to Pop's house before picking up Daddy and going to Avo's house for lunch. It was such a busy day. I will go to clininc on Tuesday for my blood tests.
  Friday, 7th, May 1999
Another visit to clinic today and another transfusion of platelets was needed. The rest of my counts haven't changed still. Pop was driving us around as Daddy has been working night shifts and using Mummy's car.
  Thursday, 6th, May 1999
A quiet day at home with Mum and Pop. Kayla went to preschool and when she came home we made pancakes to eat. I go back to clinic tomorrow for more platelets.
  Wednesday, 5th, May 1999
I went on a picnic today to Lake Parramatta with Mum, Kayla and Avo. We had fun feeding the ducks and then had an icecream in the playground.
  Tuesday 4th, May 1999
I had an early visit to clinic today. Once again I needed platelets but they weren't ordered so I came home for lunch and went back to clinic at 3pm. My counts are still the same but I am feeling very well and happy. Tonight I wanted a hamburger for dinner, so Daddy bought me a McDonalds happy meal. My appetite is increasing daily.

Note to Megan Myles: I was unable to respond to your question as your e-mail address bounced.

  Monday, 3rd May 1999
We went to a new park near Pop's house today, it was lots of fun. Some more good news is that I had my nasal gastric tube taken out today. What a relief, I feel much more comfortable now.

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