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Diary1st - 8th November 1998

Friday, 6th November 1998
I was admitted to start course #3 of chemo. This time I was back in my old bed, in Camperdown, in a room with a view. The results of yesterday's Lumber Puncture were also clear.
Thursday, 5th November 1998
This morning, in clinic, I had another Bone Marrow Test as well as a Lumber Puncture to check my progress. Mummy and Daddy were very tense waiting at home for the results. The clinic said the results would be ready by about 4pm, but at 1:30pm Daddy couldn't wait any more and rang the doctor. The doctor had just received the results of the Bone Marrow Test and YES, YES, YES I am in REMISSION. Remission is when there are less than 5% blasts, or Leukaemia cells, and I had only 1%. Mummy and Daddy were very relieved.
Tuesday, 3rd November 1998
I was discharged today, it will be good to sleep in my own bed again.

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