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Diary10th - 31st May 1999

  Monday, 31stMay 1999  
The weekend flew by again and although we didn't go anywhere, we were still very busy. Diddy and Bill were back again and Av˘ and Avˇ brought me over an ice-cream. We also  had a new dishwasher installed. My quick visit to clinic   turned out to take nearly three hours as it was so busy today. But luckily I didn't require any treatment. Even though my white cells and neutrophils had a fall, my platelets and blood remained constant. I don't have to go back until Wednesday next week! Daddy stayed home with us today as he hurt his back on the weekend.
  Thursday, 27th May 1999   Photo Album
I went to clinic this morning for another blood test. My counts are going up. Both my white cell count and neutrophils had a nice rise. I didn't need platelets either as  I'm slowly making my own. We made cookies yesterday for the Australia's Biggest Morning Tea today. Both Kayla's preschool and Daddy's work  are hosting a morning tea to help raise funds for the Cancer Council.
  Monday, 24th May 1999   Photo Album
After a quiet and wet weekend at home I went off to clinic this morning. The good news is that I did make some of my own platelets. I did not need a transfusion. Yeah! My other counts had a slight rise too, so I can hope that now I'm on the way up, up, up!Pop and Robbie came to visit in the afternoon, as well as Diddy and Bill who are in Sydney for a few days.
  Friday, 21st May 1999  
I went to clinic this morning to check at what rate my platelets were dropping. They had dropped a little but the doctors are giving me a chance to make my own over the weekend. If need be I will have a transfusion on Monday. I spent the afternoon playing and watching Barney and The Wiggles videos.
  Thursday, 20th May 1999  
Daddy came with Mummy and me to the clinic this morning  for good luck and sure enough it worked. I didn't need platelets. They were not dropping as dramatically as before and my haemoglobin rose up to 93. My white cells and neutrophils are still the same though. It turned out to be a short clinic visit. I went to the local park with Daddy afterwards.
  Wednesday, 19th May 1999  
It was a beautiful autumn day, I went to Centennial park with Mummy, Kayla and Avˇ. We had a picnic for lunch and then fed the ducks and swans as well as the eels. I go to clinic again tomorrow for my regular check up.
  Monday, 17th May 1999  
After a quiet weekend, today was another clinic day. My haemoglobin looks like it may have turned around and my white cell count rose slightly too. I still needed platelets today though, however they hadn't fallen as much as they have in the past. Back to clinic again on Thursday for another check up.
  Thursday, 13th May 1999  
I went to clinic this morning with Mum and needed platelets again. My white cells and neutrophils haven't changed . I'm refusing to have medicine for constipation so my tummy is starting to feel quite full and sore. This hasn't stopped me from eating though. I even had an iceblock after dinner!
  Tuesday, 11th May 1999  
Daddy had a day off work today to come with me to clinic where once again I needed platelets. My other counts had a slight rise but nothing to jump around about (although I've recently learnt to jump around, so I do bounce around a fair bit!). Pop looked after Kayla and me in the afternoon while Mum & Dad went to see a movie to celebrate their wedding anniversary. On top of all this I'm starting my toilet training...I'm a big boy now!

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