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Diary1st - 30th June 1999

  Sunday, 27th June 1999  
Pop and Robbie came over to play today. I wasn't feeling well this afternoon, I was off my food. Just before going to bed I did a vomit, my temperature was normal, and I felt alright afterwards. Hopefully it was just a tummy upset and will settle itself. I will be going to clinic again on Thursday.
  Saturday, 26th June 1999  
Today I went to the shops, with Mummy, Daddy and Kayla, the first time I've been in a long time. We went late in the day so that there weren't  too many people around.
  Sunday, 20th June 1999  
Mummy and Daddy went to H.O.P.E. Day (Hospital Oncology Parent Education) at Parramatta. This conference was about educating parents about many aspects of cancer and a chance to ask questions. So Kayla and I got to spend the day at Pop's house. Diddy and Bill entertained us for a while and then we went on a nature walk. Later, when Mummy and Daddy returned, we went to Avů's house to celebrate AvŰ's birthday for tomorrow.
  Saturday, 19th June 1999  
We drove into the city today, where we saw huge buildings, buses, fire engines and the monorail. There were lots of big people rushing around.
  Thursday, 17th June 1999  
I had a clinic visit this morning. My counts were slightly down but nobody is worried. The doctor is planning on getting my central line to come out within the next month. I no longer need it for blood transfusions or medications. This is the end of treatment and we can hope that "the odds are on my side" will keep me well for the next 10 months (and beyond!). My next blood test is in a fortnight.
  Tuesday, 15th June 1999  
My eyelashes and eyebrows are growing back! I hope my hair starts soon as this cold windy weather is cold on my head!
  Sunday, 13th June 1999  
Today was Daddy's Birthday and we had a fun morning.  Mummy took him to the movies to see Star  Wars so we got to stay at Avů's house and play with Uncle Ed. Then we had a birthday cake and sung Happy Birthday. Tomorrow is a public holiday so we will go to Pop's house to fix his computer. I go back to clinic on Thursday and we're hoping my counts will be high enough to start socialising again.
  Wednesday, 9th June 1999  
Daddy took us  to clinic this morning. My counts are all up,up,up. My white cells, neutrophils and platelets have all doubled in the last week, even so I still can't go to crowded places. I only need to go back to clinic once a week now.
  Sunday, 6th   June 1999   Photo Album
Yesterday we went to Lake Parramatta for lunch and had great fun feeding the ducks our stale bread. We had  dinner at Avů's house last night with Diddy, Bill and his sister Marion,  and we had a BBQ  at home for lunch today. I  had fun playing in the cubby house with Kayla  and running around all afternoon. I go to clinic next Wednesday for a blood test.
  Tuesday, 1st June 1999  
We went to Pop's house today for lunch. After lunch we went for a walk down to the Parramatta River and looked at the boats. I want to go on a Rivercat again and see the funny face at Luna Park. Kayla and I started finding shells along the shoreline and we collected them in a bag. Then we came across our favourite park and played for awhile before walking back to Pop's house. We had such a fun day!

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