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Diary1st - 31st December 1999

  Friday, 31st December 1999  
Today was Kayla's 5th birthday. We took her to McDonald's for lunch and then went on a trip to the airport.
  Thursday, 30th December 1999  
A trip to clinic this morning showed all my counts were up, neutrophils and white cells almost doubling (probably steroid enhanced). My last urine test came back negative for the bugs that I had. Dr Geoff is keeping my steroid dose at the same level for now, to keep the GVHD in check.
  Monday, 27th December 1999  Photo Album
Today we went on a picnic, where I was able to try fishing for the first time. Can you believe that on my first cast I caught a fish!!! Then my tummy took over and I ate food for the rest of the day.
  Saturday, 25th December 1999  *** Christmas Day ***Photo Album
Santa left a bag full of goodies for me, and it took me all morning to open them up. We had fresh muffins and pancakes for breakfast and then a big family lunch later on. This was followed by opening even more presents. Kayla and I sure are loved by everyone. Merry Christmas everyone.
  Thursday, 23rd December 1999
I had a check up at clinic again this morning. The GVHD still appears to be hanging around, just some spots on my hands an feet, so the steroids have increased. 
  Sunday, 19th December 1999
It was Kayla's 5th birthday party today, even though her birthday isn't actually until new year's eve. It was lots of fun having all our friends over, everyone especially liked the jumping castle and the treasure hunt.
  Friday, 17th December 1999
Today was Kayla's last day of preschool, she starts big school next year. I went and saw her in the preschool Christmas Concert, Kayla played an angel.
  Thursday, 16th December 1999Photo Album
Daddy took me to the Clinic Christmas Party today. There was lots of great party food, clowns, face painting and then Santa came and gave out presents to all the boys and girls. After the party I had a kidney ultrasound, it checked out OK. Yesterday's tests still show 2 bugs, so I have started another course of antibiotics, this time only an oral one.
  Wednesday, 15th December 1999
I went back to clinic today for an immunoglobulin blood transfusion to increase the number of antibodies in my system. My Monday urine sample was still positive, with 3 different bugs showing up. Tomorrow we will get the results of today's test to see if they are still there and to decide on a course of action.
  Tuesday, 14th December 1999Photo Album
I had a fantastic day today. I went to see the Wiggles in the Wiggly Big Show at the Entertainment Centre. The Wiggles invited us to come along when we met them in July, they sent us tickets for great seats, right up the front. After a great show, we went backstage to say hello, it was good to see them again.  Before going home we took the monorail into the city for lunch, and then back to the car park again.
  Monday, 13th December 1999
I went to clinic this morning, my counts were all up, up, up. On the way home we stopped at the park to feed the ducks.
  Sunday, 12th December 1999Photo Album
We bought a real Christmas tree today, and had lots of fun decorating it. 
  Thursday, 9th December 1999
I have started taking steroids again because it looks like the GVHD might be coming back. I went in a huge cavalcade of convertible Mustangs today, all the way to Wonderland, where we watched a show and met Santa. 
  Monday, 6th December 1999
Friday's tests showed that I have 3 different bugs that I need antibiotics for. Unfortunately they are only available intravenously. I had to go into clinic to have the first dose, Mummy and Daddy will do the rest at home.
  Sunday, 5th December 1999Photo Album
It was a quiet day at home today. Kayla and Daddy were the first to try out the pool this season, I'll have to wait until the water warms up a bit more.
  Saturday, 4th December 1999
After almost 3 months, I finally have my nasal tube taken out today, it was a great relief.
  Friday, 3rd December 1999
I made a special trip into clinic today to have a sterile urine sample taken. It hurt. They are trying to identify which bugs are causing the blood in my urine. I visited the ward to see some of my nurse friends and to say goodbye to nurse Pania, who is off to Scotland.
  Wednesday, 1st December 1999
I had an early clinic visit today, which confirmed that I have platelet engraftment, which means I am making my own platelets and don't need any transfusions. The rest of my counts were also up. I have had a cough for the last week, so I had a chest X-ray so make sure it was nothing serious, it came back clear.

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