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Diary1st - 31st January 2000

  Sunday, 30th January 2000Photo Album
We went down to milk the cow again today, this time I had a go too. After another pony ride we went canoeing in the dam. After lunch, we packed up and came home.
  Saturday, 29th January 2000Photo Album
After breakfast today, we travelled by tractor to milk the cow and collect the eggs. Then we had pony rides before going to Kids' Club, for a parent free break! After lunch we had a spa bath, before riding the horses to the camp fire. Here we made damper and toasted marshmallows.
  Friday, 28th January 2000Photo Album
We went on a holiday to a farm, Mowbray Park at Picton, just south of Sydney. We went on a tractor ride and saw goats, cows, sheep, bunnies, chooks, pigs, horses, an emu and a peacock.
  Thursday, 27th January 2000
My clinic visit this morning showed that my counts are still "normal", though my platelets haven't quite reached the normal range yet. At least I don't need blood transfusions now.
  Wednesday, 26th January 2000  *** Australia Day ***
 We went to the Australia day celebrations at the local park and saw the billy cart races. Kayla and I each had a ride in the miniature motorised cars with Daddy and we bumped into Sarah and her Matthew! For dinner we went over to Avů's house for a good old Aussie lamb roast.
  Tuesday, 25th January 2000
Pop came and took us to Parramatta Park where we feed all the ducks our old bread. There was even a mother duck that had seven baby ducklings. I liked them the best!
  Friday, 21st January 2000
I went to clinic this morning. My counts were fine, but I needed an immunoglobulin transfusion to help boost my immune system. Michelle and David visited and brought more Christmas presents for us. Then we spent the afternoon swimming in the pool.
  Monday, 17th January 2000
We had some friends over for lunch today. While Kayla was off playing with Hayden, I sat at the table eating. I am eating slightly slower again, but still manage to eat more than my share.
  Thursday, 13th January 2000
My counts were fine today at clinic, but I will need an immunoglobulin transfusion next week. The GVHD seems to still be under control, so the steroids have been dropped down a notch. I wonder if my appetite will now decrease a bit. I saw my favourite Nurse Jo today, I gave her a big hug.
  Tuesday, 11th January 2000Photo Album
We all went on a train ride to the city today, we had a picnic in Hyde Park and then Daddy took Kayla and me to the Museum. I liked the skeletons, crystals and the play about bats that was on in the theatrette. 
  Monday, 10th January 2000
Today we went to McDonald's for lunch as a special treat. Later I went on my first big walk, in a long time, up to the local park. My expanding tummy could do with the exercise! 
  Thursday, 6th January 2000Photo Album
An early morning clinic visit showed my counts are healthy and we are starting to slowly reduce the steroids. My appetite is still as ferocious as ever, but at least I am trying a wide variety of foods now.
  Saturday, 1st January 2000  *** Happy New Year ***
I slept through the New Year's Eve celebrations and woke up hungry as usual. We had lunch at Pop's and then went kite flying at the park in the afternoon.

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