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Diary1st - 29th February 2000

  Tuesday, 29th February 2000
My shingles have come back again on my right arm. It is very sore. The doctors are letting me try oral medication at home, in the hope that my immune system can get on top of it. If it doesn't work after a few days, then I will need to be admitted and have intravenous medication, which will be more difficult now without my central line.
  Monday, 28th February 2000
I went to the doctor this morning to have my stitch taken out from when I had my central line removed.
  Friday, 25th February 2000
I had a bad night, I was vomiting and had diarrhoea all night. It must be a gastro bug that is going around, because Kayla and Daddy had it last weekend.
  Wednesday, 23rd February 2000
This morning I went to meeting at Kayla's school with Mummy. Unfortunately, while I was playing there, I lost my 'Little Ted' toy from Playschool. This afternoon we went to the park and had lots of fun on the slippery dips, I especially liked the spiral one.
  Saturday, 19th February 2000Photo Album
We went on a family outing to Darling Harbour. We saw the old ship Batavia and wandered around Harbourside. 
  Friday, 18th February 2000
I could not be discharged until I did a wee, eventually the threat of a catheter persuaded me. I arrived home after lunch feeling very sore, but all my grandparents were there to make me feel better.
  Thursday, 17th February 2000Photo Album
I was admitted to hospital this morning and awaited my operation. I went to theatre at 3 o'clock and the surgeons found it difficult to take out my central line. Probably because it has been in for so long, I woke very agitated from the general anaesthetic, it took me a long time to settle. I stayed in a different ward overnight with Daddy. It was a noisy night, as there were five other children in the same room.
  Tuesday, 15th February 2000
This morning I went to a special morning tea a Kayla's school with Mummy. Later I went to the hospital for some pre-admission tests, because on Thursday I will going into surgery to have my central line removed, and I need to be circumcised due to persistent infections. I will need to be admitted overnight. This will be my 28th admission.
  Friday, 11th February 2000
I made a special visit to clinic today, as I've got unexplained little white bumps on my tongue. Daddy had e-mailed a photo of my tongue to the doctors, and they decided to check it out a bit closer themselves. I was then sent to a dermatologist, who ruled out GVHD, and suspected thrush. This is treated with an oral antibiotic. It was extremely hot today, and we played in the little pool.
  Wednesday, 9th February 2000
It was a hot day, I went swimming with Mummy and Kayla. It is supposed to be even hotter over the next few days.
  Tuesday, 8th February 2000
I had an appointment with the surgeon at the hospital today. He had to check on some things, we also discussed removing my central line. I don't remember not having my central line, I won't recognise myself. 
  Saturday, 5th February 2000
We all went for a swim today, Diddy and Bill came too, they were in Sydney for the weekend.
  Thursday, 3rd February 2000
I went to clinic this morning with Daddy. All my counts were up and my platelets were over 150, into the "normal" range. The doctor seemed very pleased and we don't go back to clinic for 2 weeks!
  Tuesday, 1st February 2000Photo Album
Today was a very special day. Kayla started big school. We all walked to school with Kayla and helped her settle in her class. She was upset when we left her but was happy in the afternoon when we picked her up. I miss her already as she's been my only playmate for so long.

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