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Diary9th - 15th November 1998

Sunday, 15th November 1998
I have been moved from Emergency up to the Variety ward, which is where they keep the kids with infectious diseases. I am in isolation so that I don't give the gastro to anyone else. I am in a stable condition and the doctors think that gastro-like symptoms, diarrhoea and vomiting, are due the chemo affecting the lining of the gastro-intestinal tract. I also needed both a platelet and a haemoglobin transfusion today.
Saturday, 14th November 1998
I was up almost every hour last night, sometimes with vomiting, another time with diarrhoea, or I was just thirsty. My temperature went up to 38.5 deg C this morning, so I had to go back to the hospital. It looks like I will be here for at least the next 7 to 10 days. So much for having a weekend at home. My blood pressure was low today, the doctors think that it is due to the loss of fluids caused by the gastro bug I have.
Friday, 13th November 1998
This morning, while cuddling my Mummy, I had the urge to do a very big vomit, so I did, all over Mummy's clothes. Then I went to clinic, for a check up, but that same urge came over me again, so I vomited all over myself in the car. This time I freaked out Kayla. Luckily, the doctor allowed me to come home again, even though my blood count was very low. We will see if we can have our first weekend home together in two months.
Thursday, 12th November 1998
Today I had the whole day at home playing with Kayla. I also kept Mummy busy, changing my diarrhoea filled nappies.
Wednesday, 11th November 1998Photo Album
Happy Birthday Mummy. After waiting around all day for my blood transfusion to arrive and for my chemo to finish, I got discharged at 6:30pm. We all went home to have a cake for Mummy's birthday. Once I was asleep, Mummy and Daddy snuck out for dinner, and upon their return I greeted them with a big vomit.
Tuesday, 10th November 1998
Today is day 4 of chemo #3, my counts are on their way down as expected. I am doing well, the doctor said that when my chemo finishes tomorrow, I can go home. That will be great, because tomorrow is Mummy's birthday.
Monday, 9th November 1998
Today is day 3 of chemo #3. My current room mate Braydon left today, and a new one has arrived. His name is Tarik, he had a brain tumour removed last week and is starting chemo tomorrow.

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