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Diary1st - 31st March 2000

  Friday, 31st March 2000Photo Album
I had an exciting and busy day today, having lots of interviews and photos taken. First there was a press conference at the hospital with Craig Knowles, Minister for Health, and Dr Geoff, to raise public awareness about the Cord Blood Bank as well as to highlight funding problems. This was followed by interviews and photo shoots with Channel 7, Channel 10, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Parramatta Sun just to name a few.

Donations can be made to the Australian Cord Blood Bank Foundation by calling 1800-644-336. All major credit cards can be used.

  Thursday, 30th March 2000Photo Album
Today Channel Nine's "A Current Affair" came to our house to interview all of us for a story about the Cord Blood Bank. I even had an interview on my own, I was very grown up. The story will be aired tomorrow night at 6:30pm on Channel Nine. Tomorrow there is also a press conference at the hospital to further promote the Cord Blood Bank.
  Wednesday, 29th March 2000
Mummy took me to Parramatta today for lunch. I have not been eating very much at all lately, but I did enjoy my McDonald's ice-cream. After Kayla's school, we went to play at her friend Amanda's house. I loved being the centre of attention.
  Saturday, 25th March 2000Photo Album
This morning we went shopping at Brookvale and then stopped at Curl Curl beach to watch the waves. In the afternoon we went to Av˘ and Avˇ's house, Kayla and I are staying there overnight. This is the first time that I have slept away from both Mum and Dad.

*** Don't forget to support Bandaged Bear Day on Tuesday 28th March ***

  Thursday, 23rd March 2000
I had another regular clinic visit this morning. My counts are still on their way back up. The white cells were up to 5.5 and the neutrophils up to 3.4.
  Tuesday, 21st March 2000
Today I had a post operative check-up with the surgeon. Everything checked out fine.
  Friday, 17th March 2000
Daddy rang Dr Geoff and found out that my counts had actually been even lower while I was in hospital for the shingles. This means that they are on there way back up, and more importantly, the head haematologist reviewed my blood slide yesterday and found no nasties. I am such a worry to my mum and dad!
  Thursday, 16th March 2000
I went to clinic this morning and we found out that my counts had dropped. My white cells were 4.76 and my neutrophils were 2.78. At my last clinic visit they were over 9 and 7 respectively. We think it might be due to fighting off the shingles virus.
  Wednesday, 15th March 2000
Today I went to Kayla's school with Mummy for the morning. Mummy was helping out with the reading groups and I got to see what goes on at big school, it was lots of fun. 
  Sunday, 12th March 2000
First we went to Charlotte's 1st birthday party and then to another party at Av˘ and Avˇ's house. I had a great time playing with all the other kids. I especially liked it when we were playing hide and seek, I was the best at hiding.
  Wednesday, 8th March 2000
I was discharged today to recommence oral medication at home. The rash has started to dry and scab over, which means it is getting better.
  Monday, 6th March 2000Photo Album
I was given an immunoglobulin transfusion today in between the antibiotic doses. I didn't get a chance to go home today, but I kept myself busy with lots of activities. The rash is still very red and moist, although the doctors are talking about discharging me.
  Sunday, 5th March 2000
Last night my cannular stopped working, as it was in a small vein we think the vein just collapsed. The doctor needed to insert another cannular this morning. This one should last a bit longer. Just one gate pass today.
  Saturday, 4th March 2000Photo Album
In between doses, I was allowed home on gate passes in the morning and afternoon.
  Friday, 3rd March 2000
We went to clinic this morning to have my shingles checked as we thought that they were still spreading. I was admitted to start on a course of intravenous medication. However, after my first dose I was allowed out for the afternoon on a gate pass. I was admitted to the Variety Ward again, the infectious diseases ward.

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