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Diary1st - 30th April 2000

  Sunday, 30th April 2000Photo Album
We held a surprise party today for Avˇ's 60th birthday. I had great fun playing with the other kids and got to stay up until 11:30pm. 
  Thursday, 27th April 2000Photo Album
I went to clinic for a check-up today. My counts were normal. I have finally been taken off the steroids and the cyclosporin dose has been reduced as well. I don't need to have another check-up for 4 weeks. This afternoon we all went to the Royal Easter Show at Homebush. We stayed to watch the evening events, like the Man from Snowy River show and the fireworks, but my favourite was the Hyundai Precision Driving Team.
  Sunday, 23rd April 2000Photo Album *** Easter Sunday ***
The Easter Bunny left lots of  Easter eggs hidden in the garden for us. We had great fun looking for them all.
  Saturday, 22nd April 2000Photo Album
I had a fun filled day today. This morning we drove into the city to go to Planet Hollywood for an Easter egg hunt. Sarah and Matthew came with us too, we all had a great time and found lots of eggs. We then went across the road to see the "Stuart Little" movie at Hoyts. Later in the day Sarah and Matthew came to our house for a barbeque.
  Thursday, 20th April 2000
Tonight Tia Ana and the rest of the cast of the Fame put on a special Easter show in Brisbane to raise money for charity. Half of the proceeds will be going to the Leukaemia Research and Support Fund at the New Children's Hospital.
  Tuesday, 18th April 2000
Pop took us to the Royal Easter Show at Homebush today. We followed the "animal walk" to look at all the different animals. We saw the Grand Parade in the main arena along with the official opening.. The highlight of the show was my Toy Story showbag with a mini Woody doll. Then later we had dinner at the club to celebrate Av˘ and Avˇ's wedding anniversary. 
  Friday, 14th April 2000
Kayla had a day off school and we caught a bus into the city. We travelled to Circular Quay and then walked around to the Opera House. We saw an educational performance by the Australian Ballet, that included an act from the Merry Widow. We then ate our lunch sitting on the steps of the Opera House before travelling home.
  Thursday, 13th April 2000
Today we went to Kayla's school for Grandparents' Day. Pop, Av˘ and Avˇ all came too, to watch the performances and join in the morning tea. In the afternoon Cathy, my play therapist from the hospital, came over for dinner. I enjoyed showing her all my toys.
  Sunday, 9th April 2000Photo Album
Last night we drove up to Av˘ and Avˇ's holiday house at Lake Munmorah . They wanted some help pruning their trees today. Kayla and I slept in the same room and enjoyed a night away from home.  We walked down to the water to feed the ducks but only found Sammy and Sandra Seagull sitting on the rocks. We came home after lunch to prune our own trees. What a busy weekend!
  Thursday, 6th April 2000
I went to work with Daddy this morning before going to clinic for a check-up. My counts are all now back up to normal levels. My appetite has also come back at last. I don't need to go back to clinic for another 3 weeks.
  Saturday, 1st April 2000
I had fun watching all the interviews I gave on TV last night. I was on channel 7, 9 and 10. Today I was in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph. Click here to see the Sydney Morning Herald article, on their website.

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