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Diary1st - 31st May 2000

  Sunday, 28th May 2000Photo Album
We met the Canadians at Manly before all going to dinner at the Black Stump restaurant. They leave tomorrow to go to Trangie.
  Saturday, 27th May 2000
We took our Canadian visitors to Koala Park to see some Australian animals. We saw kangaroos, koalas, dingos, and wombats. After lunch I went to Amanda's 5th birthday party with Kayla. Then we all went to Av˘ and Avˇ's house for Uncle Ed's 21st birthday party. It was a very busy day.
  Friday, 26th May 2000
Mummy took me to a Kindy Gym at Gladesville this morning. Tonight Aunty Nerida and Uncle Stan from Canada came over for dinner. Uncle Stan's brother Don and his wife Blanche came too.
  Thursday, 25th May 2000
I went to clinic this morning for a check-up, my counts were all normal. I can now stop taking cyclosporin, which I have been on since transplant to prevent GVHD (Graft Versus Host Disease).
  Tuesday, 23rd May 2000
Kayla stayed home from school today, because she wasn't feeling well and had a temperature. I helped Mummy make some cookies for the Australia's Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser Daddy is hosting at his work tomorrow.
  Saturday, 20th May 2000
Kayla dressed up as a witch to go to a birthday party and after the party, Amanda came and played for a while.
  Friday, 19th May 2000
I had fun today at the library, where I listened to story time and then made a paper kangaroo with a joey. After picking up Kayla from school, we played at the park.
  Thursday, 18th May 2000
I went to Castle Towers with Mummy for morning tea with Carolyn and baby Charlotte. I had peanut butter on toast.
  Tuesday, 16th May 2000
Mummy was a reading helper at Kayla's school today, I went along too. Later in the day a reporter from the "Good Medicine Magazine" came to our house to interview Mummy and Daddy for a story about me and the cord blood transplant I had.
  Monday, 15th May 2000
I went to music class today. We sang lots of songs and my favourites are "I'm a creepy tiger" and "Crocodile beat".
  Sunday, 14th May 2000   *** Mothers' Day ***
Kayla and I helped Daddy make breakfast for Mummy in bed. We packed a picnic lunch and went to a park at Putney, Pop and Robbie came and met us there.
  Friday, 12th May 2000
Mummy and I had our flu vaccinations today before making a quick trip to the hospital to pick up more medicine. We went to Sarah and Matthew's house for dinner.
  Thursday, 11th May 2000Photo Album
Today was Mummy and Daddy's wedding anniversary and Mummy and I went out to have lunch with Daddy at Warringah Mall. We were lucky to find a digger ride with real controls that picked up sand. It was so much fun.
  Monday, 8th May 2000
I went to music group today, where we sang songs and played instruments. I was shy at first, but by the end I was joining in along with everyone else.
  Sunday, 7th May 2000
We went to Peter's house for lunch, who we hadn't seen for a long time. Kayla and I had fun playing with Peter, I especially liked his motorised tricycle.
  Monday, 1st May 2000
I helped Mummy clean up after our big party yesterday. This week's issue of New Idea came out today and includes me in an article about the cord blood bank.

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