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Diary1st - 30th June 2000

  Wednesday, 28th June 2000
Jim, a photographer from the Daily Telegraph, came over this evening to take some photos for an article in tomorrow's paper.
  Thursday, 22nd June 2000
I went to clinic for a check-up. My white cells and neutrophils were a little bit higher than usual, but that is most likely due to the steroids. The rash due to the GVHD seems to be under control, the steroids are doing their job. The steroids are still making me very hungry, as well as extremely moody. I have now also started back on cyclosporin. 
  Tuesday, 20th June 2000
We went to Av˘ and Avˇ's house for dinner tonight to celebrate Av˘'s birthday, which is tomorrow. There are so many birthday's at this time of year, I am looking forward to mine next month.
  Saturday, 17th June 2000Photo Album
Mum's cousin Ray had his 50th birthday party tonight, but generously in lieu of presents, he asked people for donations to the Leukaemia Research and Support Fund. Thanks Ray !!!
  Wednesday, 14th June 2000
We took Owen to the airport this morning, he is on his way to Brisbane.
  Tuesday, 13th June 2000
I went to clinic this morning, the results of the skin biopsy came back. The rash is due to GVHD, so the steroids I am on should help. They already appear to be working, but it will be a little while before we can be sure.
  Monday, 12th June 2000Photo Album
The steroids are making me hungry and moody. Owen wanted to see Manly Beach , so we all went for a drive. It's Daddy's birthday tomorrow, so the family all came over for a birthday dinner tonight. 
  Sunday, 11th June 2000
We went to the airport this morning to see Jenn and Kent off and to pick up Owen who arrived this morning. The steroids have made me very hungry again all the time, my favourite food at the moment is Mum's chocolate biscuits.
  Friday, 9th June 2000Photo Album
Because nothing has shown up so far in the test results, I needed to have a skin biopsy for further tests to be done. The feeling is that it is GVHD, but we won't be sure until the skin biopsy tests come back next Tuesday. However, I have now started back on the steroids to help fight the GVHD.

We all went to Centrepoint tower tonight for dinner to say goodbye to our Canadian and American visitors, before they fly home this weekend. Robbie is going back to Canada with them, for a 6 week holiday.

  Wednesday, 7th June 2000
I went to clinic again this morning. The dermatologists had a look at my skin and I had some more blood tests. Still nothing conclusive. We will need to wait until Friday for the test results to come through.
  Tuesday, 6th June 2000
I went to clinic to get my rash and cough looked at, I spent most of the day there. I had some blood tests, my counts were normal. At this point is too hard to tell what the rash is due to. It could be viral, but it could also be Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) coming back. 

Jenn and Kent arrived in Sydney, they are staying with us for a few days before going back to America.

Marion's son, Samir, ran in a 26.2 mile marathon in San Diego today, to raise money for the Leukaemia Society of America. Well done Samir!!! You can visit his website at

  Monday, 5th June 2000
Today we flew home to Sydney. A rash that started on my right arm, has now started spreading to my other arm and my legs.
  Sunday, 4th June 2000Photo Album
I haven't been feeling very well the last week. Today I stayed inside feeling miserable, I have been coughing quite a bit.
  Saturday, 3rd June 2000Photo Album
Today we went to Movieworld with Jenn and Kent. I especially liked meeting Tweety and Marvin the Martian, thanks to the staff at Guest Services. Marion and Mrs Adams arrived today.
  Friday, 2nd June 2000Photo Album
Last night we flew up to Coolangatta for a family reunion this weekend. Today we spent the day playing at the beach. Nerida, Stan, Don, Blanche, Jenn and Kent all arrived.

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