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Diary16th - 22nd November 1998

Sunday, 22nd November 1998Photo Album
I am feeling much better today, my smile has come back, and I am able to sit up and play. After my afternoon nap I started eating again, I tried lots of things, but my favourite was KFC gravy and chips. I had both a haemoglobin as well as a platelet transfusion today.
Saturday, 21st November 1998Photo Album
It is good to be back amongst familiar faces, but even so I still don't want to do much. I don't have much of an appetite, I hardly had anything to eat today. Mummy went and bought me a wide variety of different foods again, to try and tempt me to eat something, I only tried some noodles, nothing else. There are still no neutrophils seen in my daily blood tests, but my white cells are slowly starting to come up. So hopefully in a few days we might see some neutrophils and I can start fighting some of these things.
Friday, 20th November 1998
I have lost alot of weight in the last few days, I am down to 8.75kg now. I still don't have any energy to do anything, all I want to do is lie down. Hooray, I am moving back to Camperdown later today, that might cheer me up a bit. At least I know the nurses down there, and they all know me.....False alarm, when I got down to Camperdown they weighed me again, and I was 10.95kg. There must have been a problem with the scales in the other ward. It had made everyone very worried, Mummy and Daddy as well as the doctors, no one could explain losing 2kg in 2 days.
Thursday, 19th November 1998
I slept all the way through the night, making up for the previous night, even though Daddy was up most of the night keeping a watchful eye on what the nurses were doing. Mummy and Daddy arranged for some staff from the Camperdown ward to talk to the staff in this ward about standard practices for Oncology patients. My temperature has stayed down since yesterday afternoon, but I still feel miserable, all I want to do is lie down. My platelets were low this morning, so I had another transfusion. Another chest X-ray was again okay. I only vomitted once today, a big improvement, but I still had some violent diarrhoea. I managed to eat 3 cheezels, the first solid food that I have stomached since Friday, its a start.
Wednesday, 18th November 1998
I had a bad night, with alot of vomiting, I kept Mummy up most of the night. The drama filled night made Mummy question the practices of some nurses in this ward. Things have settled down a little bit throughout the day. I am still getting high temperatures, which are being controlled by Panadol. I have started back on Ondansetron again to try and control the nausea. Daddy noticed a hole in my central line that a surgeon had to come and repair.
Tuesday, 17th November 1998
Still more of the same, I felt pretty tired today, so I was napping most of the day. I didn't feel like doing much, I was even too tired to play with Cathy, the Recreational Therapist from the Camperdown Ward. My temperature continues to spike, so I will be started on Amphotericin tonight, an anti-fungal anti-biotic, as well as also starting on Vancomiacin. I had a chest X-ray this morning, because I had been coughing alot, everything was clear though.
Monday, 16th November 1998
My condition is stable, I am feeling a little bit better today after the transfusions yesterday, even though I still have the diarrhoea and vomiting. I will be starting on TPN (total parenthral nutrition) as well as Fats, via my Central Line, to fatten me up a bit. When I was admitted on Saturday I was already down to 11kg (I was 13.8kg when I was first admitted in September). I will also start on GCSF (G??? Colony Stimulating Factor)  again to bring back my neutrophils faster. The doctor's comment of "a close shave on Saturday" upset Mummy and Daddy greatly.

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