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Diary23rd - 29th November 1998

Sunday, 29th November 1998Photo Album
Another good day. This morning Avů stopped in for a visit, we then went down to Pop's place, where I picked tomatoes in his garden. When we got home I had a nap, Tia Ana and Douglas came over to play with me for a little while. It was off to bed early because we all have an early start in the morning, we have to be at the hospital by 7:30am to start the tests. First off will be my usual blood test, followed by a bone marrow test under general anaethestic. When that is all over I will then start my next course of chemo, but this time it will be as an outpatient in the clinic, with two visits a day for five days.
Saturday, 28th November 1998Photo Album
After sleeping in until 8am, I was ravenous and ate two and a half Weetbix and half a tub of yoghurt. We went for a drive to Avů's house and saw Uncle Ed in the midst of constructing his new music room. On our way home we picked up some more KFC for lunch and then I had a long afternoon nap. I played outside for a while, had a bbq for dinner with Pop and protested about going to bed early. Everyone is enjoying being home together, this is our first weekend at home in 10 weeks.
Friday, 27th November 1998
This morning I went into clinic with Daddy. I had a blood test which showed that my haemoglobin had gone up so I didn't need to have a transfusion today, my neutrophils were also up to 0.3. We picked up McDonalds for lunch on the way back from the hospital. When I got home I had lunch and then I had a nap. In the afternoon I played with Kayla in the cubby house, we had a lot of fun with some playdough. We had a barbeque for dinner, I ate some kebabs and salad. After dinner I had to go back to the hospital to get one of my lines hep-locked (filled with a solution that prevents it blocking up), this only took 10 minutes and I was able to come home again to sleep in my own bed.
Thursday, 26th November 1998
After a meat pie for breakfast, I found out my amphotericin (antibiotic) was stopped today, so I could go out on an earlier gate pass. As I was leaving, the doctor hinted that I could go home tonight, if my neutrophils were up, after I had my platelet transfusion. While at home I had lunch of another meat pie and then a good nap. I returned to the hospital early, to start the transfusion, and was told that YES I will be discharged today (my neutrophils were 0.1). I am now at home sleeping peacefully. Tomorrow I need to go into clinic for a check up as well as a haemoglobin transfusion. Thank you to all the people who have sent me e-mails, I enjoy having them read to me, and appreciate all your kind thoughts and best wishes.
Wednesday, 25th November 1998
Yeah, I was able to get out on a 'Gate Pass' today for a few hours, it was good to go home even if only for a short time. I ate 2 meat pies today and continue to put back on the weight that I  have been losing. The doctor said today that the next chemo will start next Monday after they do the bone marrow test. Hopefully I will be discharged in the next couple of days, so that I get some time at home before we start the vicious cycle again.
Tuesday, 24th November 1998
Today was another good day, I have been eating a bit more again. I am now back up to 11.3kg, because I am still on the TPN as well as starting to eat on my own. My neutrophils have just started to appear, and when they come up a little bit more the doctors say I can go home. I have a bone marrow test scheduled for next Monday, another crucial milestone. Sometime after the test I will need to start chemo #4, most likely next week.
Monday, 23rd November 1998Photo Album
I woke up during the night a few times, with pains in my legs and arms. The doctors say that it is probably from the GCSF which is making the bone marrow more active. A dose of codeine soothed the pain. I slept in until 9am, it must have been due to the pain killers. I had KFC gravy and chips for lunch and dinner, with a few other things in between. Mummy went to Toys R Us and bought me some presents, with money Daddy's friends at Hughes in LA sent over. My favourite is a 101 Dalmatians chasing track, where the puppies climb up an escalator and then slide down a track.

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