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Diary30th November - 6th December 1998

Sunday, 6th December 1998
AvŰ and Avů came over for a visit this morning, Kayla went to stay with them tonight because of the busy day expected tomorrow at clinic. Pop and Robbie came over in the afternoon. Tomorrow I have another bone marrow test as well as a lumber puncture, followed by the first two doses of this next course of chemo.
Saturday, 5th December 1998
We went to the shops early, so that I didn't come into contact with too many people, and bought some toys at Toys'R'Us. The rest of the day was spent playing at home. We put up some more Christmas decorations around the house. I am still eating well and have lots of energy, which I will need when I start chemo on Monday.
Friday, 4th December 1998
Most of today was spent in at the clinic having a haemoglobin transfusion, this took close to five hours. Me and Mummy just sat there and watched several videos to kill the time. I was continually munching on snack foods, and then at 2:30pm I came home to see Kayla and Pop. We started putting up our Christmas tree, and when Daddy came we decorated it with lights and coloured balls. To top off my long day, we went to Avů's house for dinner.
Thursday, 3rd December 1998Photo Album
Today's blood test showed that my neutrophils have started to rise, they are up to 0.4. My platelets have also started going up, so I didn't need my transfusion today. However, I still need to go back to the clinic tomorrow and check my haemoglobin again, I may still need a transfusion for that. While I was at the hospital I met two of favourite nurses, Jo and Judy. I went to Pop's house today and helped him put up his Christmas tree, we will put ours up tomorrow. When I was playing at home I tripped over and cut my lip, now I have a fat lower lip.
Wednesday, 2nd December 1998
This morning I went to the clinic, my neutrophils were still 0.3, the same as on Monday. Hopefully, they should start to rise by the end of the week, but it is good that they have not gone down otherwise that would be a cause for concern. My platelets and haemoglobin are also a bit low, I will be going back to clinic tomorrow for a platelet transfusion and to check my haemoglobin level again. Kayla didn't go to preschool today, because there was a chicken pox outbreak, and even though she has already had them, we didn't want to risk her getting them again and then passing them on to me.
Tuesday, 1st December 1998
Today was another quiet day at home. I started eating at breakfast time and didn't stop until I went to bed, I picked at things almost all day. My body must be trying to make up for what I have lost already, as well as putting some into reserve for what I might lose in the future. Uncle Ed came over to mind me in the afternoon, while Mummy and Kayla went to the shops with Avů. Tomorrow I will be going to the clinic for a check up.
Monday, 30th November 1998
This morning's blood test showed that my neutrophils were 0.3, the same as last Friday, too low to commence the next course of chemo. Neutrophils, the good white cells that fight off infection, need to be at least 1.0 before we can start chemo. I still had a bone marrow test, which showed no signs of any leukaemia cells and the expected levels of normal cells. I will have another bone marrow test before I start chemo. It looks like the next course will start next Monday, which means that I should hopefully have this week at home to recuperate.

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