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Diary7th - 13th December 1998

Saturday & Sunday, 12th & 13th December 1998
Because of the hot weather, we made a special trip to the hospital to pick up a special patch to cover my central line so that I can go swimming. While there I chatted to a couple of my favourite nurses, Lisa and Debbie. Alas, so far I haven't made it into the big pool yet, but Kayla has. I helped Mummy do the grocery shopping and went to an early Christmas lunch at Avů's house, but the best thing of all was that Santa had already come and left some presents. On our way home we drove through the city and visited the big Christmas tree in Martin Place. Tomorrow I have another bone marrow test and I will be starting my next course of chemo.
Friday, 11th December 1998Photo Album
This morning I went to the park with Kayla and Mummy, we had a lot of fun. In the afternoon it was so hot that Mummy set up the wading pool for Kayla and me. We all went to Avů's house for dinner and to help them decorate their Christmas tree, I am getting good at doing this.
Thursday, 10th December 1998Photo Album
I had my photo taken with Santa this morning, I asked him for some cars and trucks. He told me to make sure that I leave some milk out for him as well as a carrot for the reindeers. My taste for chocolate came back today, I haven't felt like eating chocolate for many weeks now. It was quite a warm day today, we turned the air-conditioner on for the first time this summer. It is about time to start using our pool again, I just have to check with the doctors first to see if it is OK.
Wednesday, 9th December 1998Photo Album
The last 2 days have been good days, I have played at home with Kayla, Mummy and Daddy. I am getting my strength back and have lots of energy. I am not due back at clinic until Monday, that will be the longest time that I have been away from the hospital since this all started.
Monday, 7th December 1998
Things were put on hold again today because my bone marrow hasn't fully recovered yet. They did the usual blood test, which showed that my neutrophils were still only 0.65, but the main factor was that my platelets were still only 40 where they need to be at least 75. So I have another week at home to recover and we will try again next Monday. The doctors say that it is better to wait a little while now, rather than pushing ahead with the chemo and then taking even longer to recover later.

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