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Diary14th - 20th December 1998

Sunday, 20th December 1998Photo Album
We went down to Pop's place in the morning for a little while, and then went to the shops. In the afternoon I had lots of visitors. Peter came over with his mum and dad, Jasmine and Emanuel, we had fun playing in the cubby house. Shell and David came over too, they had a swim in the pool.
Saturday, 19th December 1998
Now that this last chemo has finished, I started on a course of GCSF injections again, which help my neutrophils come back faster. This means that I have a daily injection, which Daddy gives me while I am at home, until my neutrophils start rising.
Friday, 18th December 1998
I have finished course 4 of my chemo. My neutrophils were up to 1.6 today, and the doctors were very pleased. We expect that they will now start to fall, but hope that we get a few more days at home. Mummy took us to Macquarie Centre to wave to Santa and the shops were very crowded.
Thursday, 17th December 1998Photo Album
After my morning chemo I went to the clinic Christmas party, there were a lot of people there. It was great fun, there was a clown and face painting, and then Santa came and gave out presents, I got yet another stuffed toy, a big Mickey Mouse. He was nearly as big as me!
Wednesday, 16th December 1998Photo Album
An early start today at clinic meant that I had finished my chemo by 9am, so that I was able to participate in a special excursion organised by the NSW Fire Brigade. They came to the hospital in their fire engines and support vehicles to drive us into the Grace Bros city store to meet Santa. We were also filmed by channel 9 news meeting Santa and having a special story time.
Tuesday, 15th December 1998Photo Album
Day 2 of chemo, I spent the first part of the morning at clinic and then spent the rest of the day playing at home. Nurse Robbie came over in the afternoon to show Daddy how to give me my afternoon chemo, so that I don't need to go into clinic twice a day. My taste buds are already starting to change again due to the chemo, but luckily the nausea hasn't hit me yet.
Monday, 14th December 1998
Yeaahhhh!!! Today's bone marrow test results were great, I am still in remission. My platelets were way up there 184, they needed to be at least 75, my neutrophils hadn't moved much since last week they were still only 0.66, but that wasn't a problem. The real test was the bone marrow which showed only about 1-2% blasts (leukaemia like cells, even though most are normal cells) and lots of good normal cells. I started my 4th course of chemo today, it will finish on Friday. I have one dose of chemo each morning at the clinic and a second dose in the evening at home.

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