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Favourite Things

Big BirdMy long time favourite thing is Big Bird from Sesame Street. I have a Big Bird stuffed toy that I take to bed with me, I will NOT sleep without him.

Have a look through my Photo Album and you will see Big Bird popping up everywhere.

Here is a link to the Sesame Street website:

Bear in the Big Blue HouseA recent addition to my favourites list is Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House on the Disney Channel. I like the way he "sniffs" me, it makes me laugh every time.





Tennis ballBasketballTennis ball
I love playing with BALLS. Any size, shape, colour. I love throwing them, kicking them, rolling them. I have loved them since I was a baby.
Soccer ballVolley ball



Hi-5I love the group Hi-5. I had great fun at their concert on my 3rd birthday.


The WigglesI have almost all the wiggles' videos, and have watched them all many times, over and over again. My favourite wiggle is Jeff.

Take a look at their website,



Playing in the cubby houseI love the Cubby House in my backyard, Kayla and I play in there all the time, especially with playdough.





Pooh Bear and friendsPooh Bear and his friends, have also been some of my favourites for a very long time.





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