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My Third Year, so far

The drama begins

20th September 1998

This Photo was taken shortly after admission, prior to any chemotherapy having started. Apparently the type of Leukaemia I have, AML, likes to present itself around the eyes. As you can see, my whole face has swollen up quite considerably, this is due to deposits of Leukaemia cells.

At admission - Sep 1998

Hospital Toy Room with Kayla

24th September 1998

Kayla and I playing in the Camperdown Ward toy room. Even after only a couple of days on chemo, you can already see a slight decrease in the swelling on my face.

29th September 1998

I was discharged today after finishing my first course of chemo. You can see the big difference that the chemo has made to the swelling on my face. I have also lost close to 1.5kg.

At home after chemo #1

Me and Mummy

1st October 1998

Mummy with me at the hospital, after I had to be readmitted because of a high temperature.

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