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My Third Year, so far

Chemo 2

17th October 1998

Opening some presents.

Chemo 2

Chemo 2

17th October 1998

Everyone wants to get my attention, I don't know which camera to look at.

17th October 1998

Daddy and me in the same Tshirts again. Compare this with the photo taken before all this started. 12th Septmeber 1998

with Daddy

At home after Chemo 2

23rd October 1998

At home after chemo 2. My eyes were very sore after the last course, I am just starting to open them today.

26th October 1998

Back in hospital again because I have a high temperature.

cheesy grin


27th October 1998

Here I am doing craft activities arranged by the ward recreationist, Cathy. I even managed to paint my nose.

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