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My Third Year, so far

Chemo 3

11th November 1998

Today was the last day of chemo 3, I got to come home. That was Mummy's birthday present.

Mummy's birthday

Central Line

21st November 1998

Each day Mummy and Daddy have to change the dressing on my Central Line.

22nd November 1998

Debbie is taking my temperature and I am taking Big Bird's temperature.

Debbie taking my temperature

My favourite nurse, Jo

22nd November 1998

This is me playing with my favourite nurse, Jo. Today I started to pick up, after a week of vomiting and diarrhoea.

23rd November 1998

Me with Judy, another of my favourite nurses.


Eating at last

23rd November 1998

Here I am eating at last.

Playing in Kayla's room

28th November 1998

I am happy playing in Kayla's room.

29th November 1998

Playing with Kayla in the cubby house.

Cubby House

Putting up Pop's Christmas tree

3rd December 1998

Putting up Pop's Christmas tree with Kayla.

3rd December 1998

Picking tomatoes with Pop at his house. Soon his passionfruits will be ready to pick too.

Picking tomatoes

Maria came to visit

9th December 1998

Maria and Nick, Paul and Michael's parents, came over to visit and play tonight.

10th December 1998

Talking to Santa. He said to make sure that I leave out a glass of milk and a carrot on Christmas eve.

With Santa and Kayla

Splashing about in the wading pool.

11th December 1998

It was so hot today, that Mummy got the wading pool out for us to cool down.

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