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My Third Year, so far

Chemo 6

Hugging my new friend Bear.

3rd March 1999

Hugging my new friend Bear, who was sent from America by my cousins Jenn and Kent.

6th March 1999

Playing with Kayla in Uncle Ed's new car.

Uncle Ed's new car.

Having a nap.

7th March 1999

Having one of those rare midday naps.

7th March 1999

Playing in Kayla's room. Can you see my hair is starting to grow back?

Playing in Kayla's Room


9th March 1999

Having a photo with B1 at Toys'RUs.

10th March 1999

Having fun in the sun at Birdie Beach.

Birdie Beach.

Easter Photo

13th March 1999

Dressing up for an Easter Photo.

18th March 1999

Lying down at home, feeling sore after my bone marrow harvest.

Feeling sore.

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