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My Third Year, so far

Coolangatta and Taronga Zoo

At the airport

21st March 1999

At Sydney airport, waiting for the plane to Coolangatta.

21st March 1999

Looking down at Sydney Heads after we took off.

Sydney Heads.

Easter Eggs

21st March 1999

The Easter Bunny had left some easter eggs for us at Diddy and Bill's place at Coolangatta.

22nd March 1999

Arriving at Movie World on the Gold Coast.

Arriving at Movie World

Looney Tunes' show

22nd March 1999

We watched the lunch time Looney Tunes' Rock'n'Roll show.

22nd March 1999

We had a private meeting with Tweetie Pie and Daffy Duck.

A special thank you to the staff of the Guest Services Office at Movie World.

Meeting Tweetie and Daffy


24th March 1999

Dinner at CaNoodles at Coolangatta, just before we had to hop on a plane back to Sydney.

28th March 1999

Finding lots of easter eggs that the easter bunny left for me in our back yard.

Easter egg hunt

Alligator exhibit

28th March 1999

I liked the alligator and crocodile exhibits at the zoo.

28th March 1999

The giraffes were one of my favourites at the zoo. I went and saw them two times.


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