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My Third Year, so far

Bone Marrow Transplant

Nasal Gastric Tube

31st March 1999

Here's my new fashion statement, everybody should have one.

3rd April 1999

Swinging with Kayla.

At the park

Down by the creek.

3rd April 1999

Going for a bush walk.

4th April 1999

The Easter bunny found me in hospital, and so did all his helpers.

Easter bunny

Playing with Cathy

6th April 1999

Cathy always has lots of fun stuff to do.

6th April 1999

My Bone Marrow Transplant, it was just like a normal blood transfusion into my central line. The bone marrow knows how to find its own way back into the bones, amazing.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Doing puzzles

8th April 1999

Doing some puzzles with my big sister.

8th April 1999

Playing with Nurse Pania, I didn't want her to leave.


Playing in the sandpit.

25th April 1999

Playing in the sandpit at home with Kayla, while on a gate pass. Notice, my hair is all gone now.

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