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My Third Year, so far

My 3rd Birthday

Opening presents

6th July 1999

Opening presents in Mummy and Daddy's bed.

6th July 1999

Diddy and Bill sent me a BIG bunch of balloons, they were bigger than me. They were delivered by a singing clown.


Hi-5 Concert

6th July 1999

This is the Hi-5 concert, with lots of great songs.

6th July 1999

After the concert we were lucky enough to meet Hi-5. Here I am with Nathan and Kayla.

Kayla and me with Nathan

The whole team.

6th July 1999

Here I am with the whole team, Tim, Kathleen, Charli, Kellie and Nathan.

6th July 1999

Me and  Kellie.

Thank you to all the Hi-5 team for your time and hospitality and for a great show.


Cake 1

6th July 1999

The 1st birthday cake of the day at Avů's house. 

6th July 1999

Cake 2, at home after dinner with the family.

Cake 2


9th July 1999

Here I am on the way to the Sydney Aquarium, you can see the monorail in the background.

10th July 1999

Nurse Pania was married today. We went to see the ceremony and wish her well and then we got to throw rose petals over her and her husband.

Nurse Pania and her husband, Stuart


11th July 1999

My birthday party with my friends. 

11th July 1999

Mummy giving everyone instructions for the treasure hunt.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

11th July 1999

The big treasure hunt in the backyard. 

11th July 1999

About to blow out the candles on my Dorothy the Dinosaur cake, that Tia Ana and Avů made for me.

Dorothy the Dinosaur cake.

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