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My Fourth Year

Chemo 7

Sitting with Slush

16th July 1999

Having breakfast with my pal Slush the pig, that Shell and David brought me.

19th July 1999

Having a ride on a Bobcat, because I like bulldozers a lot at the moment.


Meeting the wiggles

29th July 1999

Meeting Captain Feathersword and Anthony Wiggle.

29th July 1999

The Wiggles' concert in the Starlight Express Room. I got to watch it on the in-house Starlight Channel.

The Wiggles concert

Pyjama Party

29th July 1999

The nurses got into the "Pyjama Party" spirit.

29th July 1999

Nurse Kylie and Nurse Leanne were my favourites today, both wearing Pooh Bear pyjamas.

Nurse Kylie and Nurse Leanne

Playing with Jo

30th July 1999

Playing with Nurse Jo at the Thelma and Louise Cafe, before meeting The Wiggles.

30th July 1999

It was great fun meeting The Wiggles, they were all very friendly.

Me and The Wiggles

Getting autographs

30th July 1999

The Wiggles all autographed my Dorothy the Dinosaur toy.

30th July 1999

Me and Kayla giving Dorothy the Dinosaur a cuddle.

Dorothy the Dinosaur

A sing along

30th July 1999

Having a sing along with The Wiggles. I asked them to sing 'Baby Baluga' for me. 


31st July 1999

Mickey's return. Last week I let him go and today Diddy found him and brought him back. Mickey brought a friend with him too, Pooh Bear.

Mickey's return

A present from Cadbury

13th August 1999

My favourite chocolates are Tiny Freddos, but they don't sell them by themselves any more only in combination packs. So the people at Cadbury were very kind to send me a basket filled with Tiny Freddos and lots of other goodies. 

22nd August 1999

With Nurse Erika up in the Variety Ward.

Nurse Erika

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