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Transplant 2

Being cheeky

30th August 1999

Still managing to be cheeky, after eating my favourite, gravy on toast.

2nd September 1999

This is the Linear Accelerator used for my Total Body Irradiation at Westmead Hospital (the big people's hospital). I had 6, 45 minute sessions there over 3 days, each under general anaesthetic. 

The Linear Accelerator

The Cord Blood

7th September 1999

Nurse Kathryn is drawing up the Cord Blood, ready for the transplant.

7th September 1999

Nurse Kylie performed the Transplant, which like last time, was just a blood transfusion. Nurse Jo was there too for added support.

The Transplant


7th September 1999

Elmo was at the hospital today in the Starlight Room. I am in isolation and wasn't able to go, so he popped in to say hello. 

17th September 1999

I have been feeling pretty miserable over the last few days. I have had a sore tummy and a sore mouth.

Feeling miserable


17th September 1999

Here are the 8 pumps that I have hooked up to me at the moment, 1 via my nasal gastric feed and the rest into my central line. Some are used to provide nutrition, the others are for a large number of medications that I need. 

19th September 1999

Playing with Crazy Nurse Jane as she tries to get a smile out of me.

Crazy Nurse Jane

Dr John

23rd September 1999

Dr John is cleaning out my central line with hydrochloric acid to try and kill some bugs that might be in there.

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