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Transplant 2 (continued...)

A big hug

25th September 1999

Getting a hug from my big sister Kayla.

6th October 1999

Playing some instruments with Karen, the music therapist.


Cuddling Eeyore

8th October 1999

Playing with my new Eeyore that just arrived from my cousins in America.

8th October 1999

Doing some water play with Sandra and Kayla. This was a good excuse to get me out of bed.


Nurse Jane

8th October 1999

Nurse Jane (KFC Jane) came in to say hello.

12th October 1999

Playing with Nurse Maria. She was my very first nurse, the night I was diagnosed, over a year ago now.

Nurse Maria

Dr Geoff

20th October 1999

Saying thank you to Dr Geoff, our specialist, for organising and overseeing the many aspects of this transplant. 

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