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My Fourth Year

The Wiggly Big Show +

Big Red Car

14th December 1999

The Wiggles made a great entrance on the Big Red Car.

14th December 1999

Captain Feathersword with the Wiggles.

Captain Feathersword

Funny Photo

14th December 1999

Look at this funny photo of the Wiggles, doesn't Anthony look tiny.

14th December 1999

After the show, we went back stage to meet the Wiggles. Here we are with Anthony Wiggle, autographing a photo from our last meeting, back in July.

Anthony Wiggle

Greg Wiggle

14th December 1999

Saying hello to Greg Wiggle.

14th December 1999

With Jeff and Murray Wiggle. I didn't need to keep waking up Jeff this time, he must of just had a rest.  

Jeff and Murray Wiggle

Clinic Party

16th December 1999

Santa arrives at the Clinic Christmas Party with lots of presents for all the boys and girls.

16th December 1999

Wishing Dr Draga a Merry Christmas, at the Christmas Party.

Dr Draga

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