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My Fourth Year

Central Line Removal

28th Admission

17th February 2000

In the Edgar Stephens Ward after having my central line removed.

19th February 2000

In front of the Batavia at the Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour.



4th March 2000

At home on a gate pass. You can see the shingles on my right arm. My left arm has the cannular were my intravenous medication goes in, now that I don't have a central line anymore.

6th March 2000

Passing the time playing on the computer, in the Variety ward.

Computer games

Curl Curl Beach

25th March 2000

We stopped at Curl Curl beach to watch the waves.

30th March 2000

Being interviewed by Channel Nine's "A Current Affair" in my bedroom, for a story about the Cord Blood Bank.

ACA interview


30th March 2000

"A Current Affair" filming me playing in the backyard.

31st March 2000

Having interviews with Channel 7 and 10 after the press conference on the Cord Blood Bank.

Channel 7 and 10 interviews

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